Coastal Town Claims to be First “Digital Currency-Friendly” in Australia


Coastal Town Claims to be First


Agnes Water, a beach town situated 5 hours north of Brisbane International Airport, has proclaimed itself to be the very first “digital currency-friendly” tourist town in Australia. More than 30 firms now accept cryptocurrency as a type of payment in Agnes Water – in spite of getting residence to just more than two thousand residents.

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Agnes Water Seeks to Leverage Crypto to Enhance Tourism

Coastal Town Claims to be FirstThe town’s selection to embrace cryptocurrency was reportedly the brainchild of nearby genuine estate agent, Gordon Christian.

Mr. Christian stated that he very first became conscious of cryptocurrency when a client enquired as to how to procedure bitcoin payments, nonetheless, his interest peaked following discovering that a quantity of firms had announced that they would accept cryptocurrency payments at Brisbane Airport.

“I believed, ‘This is anything worth getting a appear at’,” Mr. Christian stated, “We began from the ground up, shared it with a couple of firms and they have been straight on board […] I guess they have been international travelers themselves and had heard of these sorts of payments. Initially, we had a great 10 firms that just stated, ‘Fine — let’s go for it’.”

Assistance for Crypto Spread Speedily Amongst Nearby Firms

Coastal Town Claims to be FirstAs the notion caught on amongst Agnes Water firms, Mr. Christian states that the town increasingly wanted to tailor its tourism toward the “digital traveler.”

Mr. Christian recounts the quantity of firms embracing cryptocurrency rapidly developing, stating “So it began out as, ‘Well, how would they get right here? Could we offer a shuttle service to bring them from the airport or the railway station?’ Then [we considered], ‘Where would they keep and what are they going to do when they get right here?’.”

31 nearby firms now accept cryptocurrency payments in Agnes Water, like resorts, backpackers, tour firms, restaurants, the nearby pub.

Japanese Crypto Vacationers Anticipated to Go to Agnes Water This Week

Agnes Water’s assistance for cryptocurrencies has been aided by the solutions of Travelbybit Australia. Caleb Yeoh, the chief executive of Travelbybit, was approached by Mr. Christian in November following the realtor became conscious of the company’s roll-out of its point-of-sale app facilitating cryptocurrency payments at the Brisbane Airport.

Mr. Yeoh stated, “If you travel about the planet you have to deal with several currencies, the exchange price can be confusing, occasionally you struggle to locate ATMs, and occasionally you get swindled by income changers […] Travelling with on international currency like bitcoin […] tends to make sense.”

“The town has created a extremely strategic move in attempting to appeal to a niche market place to take possibly some of these vacationers … to come out to their small element of the woods. Individuals who use cryptocurrency … it is a social movement and they think in it, and for that reason they assistance locations … who take it. So they would come to a location like this just due to the fact it requires digital currency.”

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